Reloop Terminal Mix 8

Outputs: Master, Booth, headphone
Subcategory: DJ controller
Number of Decks: 4

The Terminal Mix 8 is visully exquisite with vibrant colours to indicate every button, pad and knob across the cleverly thought out and practical surface layout ( PRO MOBILE ISSUE 68 )    This newly developed a 4-deck pad-based performance controller by Reloop is designed to work intimately with SERATO DJ. The controller was developed in close cooperation with Serato, and it responds to the requirements of professional club DJs who want to offer spectacular live performances with creative effect manipulation.Endorsed with the same premium features and build that have made Terminal Mix 2 & 4 controllers instantly recognisable around the world, Reloop have expanded on its forbears with a sophisticated performance section with touch-sensitive multi-colour drum pads, the Terminal Mix 8 is a true whiz kid!The centre piece of the Terminal Mix 8 is the clearly laid-out and intuitive PAD performance section, where 16 touch-sensitive RGB drum pads can be used to trigger cue points, loops, samples & a slicer effect.The Slice and Loop modes allow creative re-arrangements on the fly. With the Slice button activated, the playing track will be chopped up into 8 equal parts that are distributed across the respective drum pads – offering DJs quick access to on-the-fly musical mash-ups. In Loop mode it is possible to trigger up to 8 loops with varying lengths. The loop lengths can be determined in real time by the dedicated loop size encoder for fast auto loops and loop roll effects.In addition to this, all banks of the mighty Serato DJ SP-6 sampler can be easily accessed and intuitively triggered with the Terminal Mix 8, and 8 cue points per track can be stored and triggered in real-time. The colour-coded pads allow visual feedback regarding status and selection of the selected performance mode, so even in dark club surroundings DJs can easily distinguish which mode they’re in.In DUAL mode 2 modes can be combined for an even more adva
Outputs: Master, Booth, headphone
Subcategory: DJ controller
Number of Decks: 4

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