MAX 384 DMX Controller Intelligent Master lighting Console Dj Pro Light For Stage Light Moving Head LED Par Light Control

£308.00 (as of July 10, 2019, 11:15 am)

Power supply: AC90-250V / 50-60Hz high performance green power supply. standard DMX512/1990, 384 DMX control channels, photoelectric isolation signal output. can control up to 30 computer lights, maximum 32 channels for each light, use of dynamic light settings. Built in graphics trajectory generator (SHAPE), convenient for users to control the computer light via graphics trajectory, Such as design circle, gradual circle, line, 8 shape word, waves and other effects. Graphical parameters such as( speed, Size, expansion, direction) can be set independently. 30 lighting program, each program up to 100 steps. Can option automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat Control (SWING) or music synchronization control. Also can run 2 lighting program, 30 preset scene, also can control 30 computer lights at the same time. Equipped with MEM-CARD interface, users can use the MEM-CARD flash card to save your valuable data. with backlight of LCD display show running parameters. Keep the Shutdown data size : 485mm x 85mm x 267mm weight: 4.8kg

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